Attention all Ontario high school students looking to fulfill your volunteer involvement hours!

NSSC welcomes all Ontario high school students who are looking to have fun while earning volunteer hours during:

  • the summer house league season from May to August
  • the fall house league season from October to mid-January
  • the winter season from mid-January to March

If you are an Ontario high school student who is interested in learning more about the volunteer opportunities offered by NSSC please contact us by email 

The purpose of this requirement is to encourage students to develop an understanding of the various roles they can play in serving their community and to help them develop a greater sense of belonging within the community.

What is Community Involvement?
40 hours of community involvement activities is a requirement for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma volunteer activity – not for pay or credit a constructive contribution to the community.

Why has the Ministry of Education mandated it?
Reinforces civic responsibility strengthens the community enhances ones self-confidence and self-image offers networking for future employment provides an experience for students to include in their portfolios.

When must students complete it?
Any time during the secondary school program, beginning in the summer before they enter grade 9, and prior to graduation. outside class hours, for example:during lunch breaks in the evening, on weekends during school breaks during the summer month”